Since you are here I guess you want to know a bit more about me, why wouldn’t you? I’m such a mysterious and charismatic person. I get it. It happens all the time.

My name is Hugo Cornejo, I’m VP of Design at Monzo. Monzo is a good and well designed bank, give it a try. The company is also good. We’re based in London, near Old Street. You might even want to consider joining us.

I was born in Madrid, I didn’t learn English as a kid so I’m trying to learn it now. I struggle from time to time but I’m slowly getting better. Based on my estimations I’ll have mastered this language by 2048 AD. Just bear with me.

Back in the day I was a decent photographer but now I’m just mediocre. I’d really love to be a writer but I get lost thinking about irrelevant details or taking videos of nice books. I’d also love to be a comedian but I’m way too handsome to be funny.

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